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At R&A Financial, we specialize in owner-occupied properties. By renting out a portion of the property that your business occupies, you can immediately create an additional income stream.  If structured properly, you will be able to qualify for the improved rates and financing terms that accompany owner occupancy. 

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Benefits of Owner-Occupied Commercial Properties

As an investor, building passive income is one of the smartest ways to create long-term wealth. However, being an absentee owner can come with a variety of problems and setbacks, including hiring financing costs. Fortunately, many of these issues can be alleviated by occupying a portion of the property while also collecting rent from tenants. Here are a few reasons why this investment option may be right for you.  

Better Financing Options

Most lenders are wary of providing loans for absentee owners because they understand the challenge of managing a property off-site. As an owner-occupier, you get access to a much broader range of options, including SBA loans. These loans typically have much lower interest rates and can help you retain more of your rent money in the process.

Property Improvements 

If you currently occupy the entirety of the property, construction or improvements may be lucrative opportunities. By further developing the property you can benefit from the best financing terms even while growing your property value and creating a passive income stream. 

Easier to Manage 

Checking in on the property and maintaining it is much easier because you’re already there. Rather than having to schedule site visits and rely on tenants to report any problems, you have quick access to the property. Also, when tenants need to speak to you, they can do so in person, which can help build a stronger foundation of trust and loyalty. In the case of retail, foot traffic raises all boats. When tenants act together to create a destination retail environment, you and your tenants create a win-win business environment. 


At R&A Financial, we specialize in helping companies to leverage the advantages of owner occupancy. We work as consultants to help you structure the opportunity to ensure you qualify for the best rates and terms while maximizing your rentable space.  With access to a broad variety of capital sources, we are able to provide loans for a wide array of property types and different locations so that you can make the most out of your investment. We also have more flexibility in our loan requirements. Even if you are a first-time investor, you won’t get the same pushback that you would at a bank.


Whether you’re interested in becoming an owner-occupier or you want to find out more about our financing options, give us a call. We can meet with you one on one and discuss lending options to ensure that you make the most out of your investment. See the R&A Financial difference for yourself.

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