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R&A Financial Group was founded to meet the lending needs of Experienced Operators and Sponsors (Developers) by providing sophisticated lending solutions structured to meet their specialized requirements. Our clientele includes a variety of industries, professional firms, real estate investors, real estate developers, and individuals and their families.

owner occupied

Get the money you need at the rates you want without the red tape. Have tenants pay off your property while you conduct business.

Multi family

From duplexes up to large commercial developments, we provide Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae loans to help your business grow.

Flag Hotels

Flag hotels offer a stable investment and strong ROI. We specialize in hotels and ensure you are at the right location in the capital stack.

bridge loans

We can help you get both bridge and hard money loans, thanks to our extensive network of alternative lenders. Close your next deal.

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Investor Focused Solutions

Invest in Flag Hotels With R&A Financial

 At R&A Financial, we have longstanding experience in funding flagship hotels as a valuable investment opportunity. With 20+ years experience with the largest brands in the industry.

We help you to avoid unnecessary risk and to maximize your investment return. We make sure that your money sits in a prime spot in the capital stack so that you can minimize your risk. We offer mezzanine financing, joint venture options, equity partnerships and more.

Invest in Flag Hotels With R&A Financial

We’ve all got problems

What’s your Headache?


I wish I could get commercial financing WITHOUT putting myself and my family at risk personally!


I’ve got a really big opportunity. But how can I cover the costs of repositioning my property?


When I come across opportunities I need to move fast. I can’t afford to sit back and wait on financing.


My multifamily properties generate stable recurring revenue. But with my capital tied up, how do I grow?

From Our Founder

I believe lending can be done better.  Here’s how.

With most lenders, their primary goal is to make money from their clientele. Banks and other financial institutions don’t care how you pay them back, only that you satisfy the loan with interest.

At R&A Financial, I believe in a better lending option. I believe that your success is our success, so it’s in our best interest to help you make the most of your investments.


Whether you’ve got a large portfolio that you are looking to reposition, or there is an immediate opportunity you are ready to seize, our team is here to help. Our consultative approach will walk you through all of your options to find the approach that is best for you. Reach out today and see the R&A Financial difference for yourself.

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